Smart Surface Disinfection Program – H.K 2.0

Enhanced Smart Surface Disinfection Program Improves Efficiency & Offering Cost-Benefits

ServiceMASTER® India brings a specialized Smart Surface Disinfection Program (SSDP) powered by innovative management practices & groundbreaking technology. We substitute the traditional mop and bucket approach with intelligent resources planning leading to a standardized Facility Management outcome. Our program prioritizes Infection Control & Cross-Contamination with 5Ms- Man, Machine, Method, Measure & Material.

How Does It Work?

Transitioning from Conventional Cleaning Methods involving Mops
and Buckets to the Mechanized Smart Cleaning approach.

Key Benefits

Why Choose Smart Surface Disinfection Program?

  • Save Time
    and Effort

    ● Inventory on Wheels
    ● No wash/rinse – Duster/Mop

  • Reduced Cross

    ● Colour Coded Micro-Fiber Dusters
    ● One Room – One Mop

  • Improved Cleaning

    ● Micro-Fiber Dusters & Mops
    ● Improved Aesthetics of Cleaning

  • Save

    ● Pre-Soaked Mop Sleeves
    ● Pre-Soaked MF Dusters

  • Improved

    ● Fresh Duster for each cleaning
    ● Disinfected & Laundered – Mop & Dusters

  • Staff

    ● Less Fatigue to Janitors
    ● Sense of Pride using advanced tools

Scientific Performance Proof

Glo-Germ Test Technology

  • Gel is applied before cleaning
  • Supervisor inspects post cleaning
  • UV torch is used to inspect
  • Gel glows if disinfection is not done

ATP Meter Test Technology

  • Measures actively growing micro-organisms
  • The unit of measurement is “RLU – Relative Light Units”
  • Higher RLU results in higher micro-organisms

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