Ultraviolet Solutions for Maintaining Hygienic Indoor Air Quality for Offices and Commercial Spaces

How can you be confident that your office air quality is safe to breathe?

Your Office HVAC/AHU system could be contaminated with pathogens and virus, that can pose a serious threat to the health of your employees.

One of the ideal ways to stay productive and breathe fresh at your office is to maintain good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) using an Ultraviolet Solutions, which cleanses virus from the air circulating at your workplace.

ServiceMASTER® India novel Ultraviolet Solution for Indoor Air Quality, combined with years of trustworthy services, is what you need for maintaining healthy indoors

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How does Ultraviolet Solutions work in improving Indoor Air Quality?

Almost every modern office spaces, corporates and commercial establishments have centralized HVAC installations with huge network of Air Duct. These ducts become ideal place for breeding bacteria, mould and viruses that get transported to every part of the offices/premises. We install specialized UV system that deactivate/kills available pathogens/germs/bacteria and viruses during cooling cycle through duct and AHU for keeping your office Air Quality under check.

Armed with UVGI Ultra – Coil or Ultra – Duct, your or Ultra Duct, your HVAC system becomes safe to provide adequate healthy air on the floor for you and your employee to have risk free working hours. As healthcare concerns rise in your area, this is one of the most inevitable solutions to be installed in your office!

Why to choose our UVGI HVAC solutions on Indoor Air Quality?


Improved CFM

Since our installed UVGI system does not allow any bio film to be created over the surface of evaporator coil/ cooling coil, which helps to maintain better coil clearance to the flow of air, thus improving CFM on floor.


Improved Indoor Air Quality

Used air form the office floor, flowing return through the duct and reaching to AHU. The installed UVGI system at AHU disinfects this return air and improve quality of suppled air at working floor.

Patient Satisfaction

Reducing the Foul Odour

UVGI with adequate UV intensity ensures nil residual odours post killing the microorganism from return air.

High Productivity

Energy saving and Efficiency

With our installed UVGI system, there are no bio film/clog over coil surface, hence heat exchange goes high thus compressor target gets reduced to meet required floor temperature. With improved CFM AHU motor target also get reduced to add energy savings.

Implement Solution

Elevated Cooling Efficiency

Due to continuous UV exposure of the cooling coil, there are zero bio film/dust/fungigeneration over the coil surface, thus keeping coil clean and allow optimum heat exchange. This improves the cooling efficiency.

Biomedical Waste Management

Total Germicidal Eradication

The high quality UVGI installation maintains adequate UV dose thus ensuring highly effective Germicidal Eradication.

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