Energize Your Retail Operations with Dedicated Facility Management Solutions by Our Experts

ServiceMASTER® India offers comprehensive IFM solutions that empower you to run retail operations, efficiently. Our trained team can help you maintain retail aesthetics, keep everything in order and promote high-end guest experience within your retail unit. From smart building maintenance programs using IoT based computerized maintenance management system, smart cleaning programs. floor care programs, washroom management, and food court services, we offer everything you need under a single roof.

Why Choose ServiceMASTER® India for Retail Facility Management?


Expert Team Trained in Hospitality Approach & Culture

Our facility management experts are exclusively trained to promise the best shopping & hospitality experience for shoppers at a retail unit.
Floor Care Program

Unique Floor Care Program

Unique floor care program with expert team to manage aesthetics, floor restoration, and maintenance.
Wash Room Management Program

Best Washroom Management Services

Professional washroom management program, keeping the washrooms dry and aromatic.
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Professional Food Court Services

Professional service teams enhancing food court experience

AI/IoT powered intelligent building maintenance systems

Smart teams with digital interface managing utilities, performance, and productivity through smartphones.
High Productivity

Smart Cleaning Program

Invisible housekeeping, maintenance through microfiber pre-wet systems and mechanical approach

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