Total Facility Management

Achieve Desired Production Efficiency through End-to-end Manufacturing Facility Management Solutions

ServiceMASTER® India offers facility management solutions for manufacturing segments that aim to improve their overall productivity and operational efficiency with thorough maintenance of the utilities. Our services are focused on zeroing labour accidents and IR issues that occur at your facility. With highly productive, diligent and operative mechanized cleaning service and diagnostic maintenance program, you can expect your facilities to be operational and efficient, and well maintained.

We offer dedicated solutions that are carefully designed, adhering to best practices, in a way that all the operations and procedures are streamlined. We offer proactive support with product equipment maintenance and ensure that the facility is clean and operational for the workers, thus ensuring maximum output.

Why Choose ServiceMASTER® India for Manufacturing Facility Management?

Utilities Maintenance Services

Smart IoT based Utility Maintenance Program

Comprehensive, digital and IoT based utilities maintenance

Mechanized Housekeeping

Increase operational efficiency with well-maintained facilities and zero IR issues

Production Equipment Support Services

We extend non-comprehensive production equipment maintenance to maintain business continuity

5S and Safety

Highly professional teams on personnel and plant safety. We focus on personal safety and work organizations

Production Support Services

We provide verified production support, payrolling and non-core staffing solutions

End to End FM services

We are capable of supporting plant operations by providing needed ancillary support

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