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Enjoy Sterile Surfaces for 90 Days with Our Unique Life Shield – Antimicrobial Treatment

ServiceMASTER® India has added yet another powerful weapon to its arsenal with Antimicrobial Surface Treatment. With this scientific solution, we will ensure that all touch points at your commercial space are sterile.

At a juncture where there is a massive spread of contagious diseases, we are morally and ethically responsible for saving human lives by creating a safe and secure environment.

Our surface treatment is completely attuned to meet your unique needs. We even test the surface after cleaning using swab test to ensure that the surface is sterile. We guarantee a good 90-day’ protection with our scientifically validated and advanced surface treatment solution.

Create a Non-penetrable Shield with ServiceMASTER® India

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Why Life Shield – Antimicrobial Treatment?

We understand that surface contamination is responsible for the spread of viruses and other pathogens, leading to contagious diseases and infections. While wearing masks and other preventive measures do work to an extent, they don’t eliminate the cause of the problem.


What’s the solution? Break the Chain. Introduce Surface Treatment

Our antimicrobial surface treatment involves treating the surfaces with antiviral and antimicrobial properties, thus creating a tough shield that is both unpenetrable and unbreakable. This helps create a safe and secure environment, thus eliminating contamination and providing infection control.

Sterile Space Shield

In this war against viruses and pathogens, our shield is as good as Captain America’s, ensuring a win every single time.

How does it work?

There is an active chemical within the antimicrobial technology we use which intends to form a protective bond with the products where it is used. This chemical penetrates and bonds within the various layers of the object, thus creating an unbreakable and protective shield.

The Process

  • When an antimicrobial composition is applied on a surface, it will immediately form spores along the surface. These spores in turn rupture the capsid of the virus. In case of bacteria, they tend to rupture the cell wall as soon as the virus or the bacteria comes in contact with the surface

  • This surface treated with antimicrobial composition stays sterile for a period of 90 days approximately as it contains a proprietary saline base which gives it a long-lasting effect

  • Along with the saline base, it also contains methanol a disinfectant and 3 (trimethoxysilyl) propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride, which causes a lasting effect on the microbe.

What People See

Why Choose Antimicrobial Surface Treatment?

Infection Control Protocol

Kills 19+ Types of Pathogens

With this treatment, you can get rid of different types of dangerous and contagious virus and pathogens such as H1N1, and SARS


Suppress Transmission

We ensure the complete of people with advanced protection against cross-contamination and surface contact transmission.

Smart Scheduling

90 Day Protection

This single solution helps keep your surfaces protected for 90 days. It does not get disrupted by regular friction or cleaning.

Standardized Work

Proven Effectiveness

Our surface treatment is effective and protects you from tough viruses and pathogens that are generally not treated with regular microbial cures

The treatment is effective against tough viruses that usually escape regular microbial treatment.

High Productivity

Wear Resistant

Completely resistant to regular cleaning. Offers all-day-long protection thus boosting health and infection control

Carpet Maintenance Program

Works on All Surfaces

The treatment works on all kinds of metallic and non-metallic surfaces, for end-to-end coverage.

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