Inclusive Infection Control Solutions for Minimizing Airborne and Disinfection Program

ServiceMaster® India has partnered with AeroMed® to provide solutions that reduce concentration of the disease causing microbes in indoor air through germicidal ultra violet light based fixtures that provide the highest UV output in their size category. With over 30 years of experience in Environmental Infection control AeroMed® has become a trusted partner for for critical environmental applications especially in healthcare facilities where the spread of airborne pathogen is a concern. Along with AeroMed® products, ServiceMASTER India team which as personnel specially trained in implementing infection control programs, cross-contamination process, etc. are uniquely positioned to provide effective Airborne and Surface Infection Prevention & Control solutions.

The partnership between ServiceMasterIndia and AeroMed® aims to meet key objectives in Patient satisfaction, Reduction in HAI, Adherence to NABH and JCI Protocols, Clinical staff satisfaction, Adherence to real time CMMS, Inspections, Survey systems and cleaning protocols with scientific validation.

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AeroMed® India partners with ServiceMASTER® India (Health Care Specialist)

Key objectives are providing a safe environment in a healthcare setting amongst unsuspecting airborne infectious disease careers through UV treatment of contaminated air

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Why Choose Our Infection Control and Prevention Solutions?

Reduction in Hospital Infection

Advanced Disinfection Program

Our sophisticated disinfection program makes use of advanced tools like ATP meters and glow gels for end-to-end disinfection of an area.
Biomedical Waste Management

Robust Sterilization Technology

We make use of the world’s best sterilization technology that involves using of GUV lighting for inactivating harmful microorganisms and disinfecting surfaces.
Patient Satisfaction

Highly Trained Professional Team

Our team specializes in implementing cutting-edge infection control procedures and has been trained to deal with any contamination with efficiency.
Healthcare Training

Non-Chemical Approach to Disinfection

Eradicating traditional fumigation process by implementing UV based air and surface sterilization technology to sterilize operating theater/room
High Productivity

Effective, Efficient and Low Maintenance Solution

Replacement of heavy duty air filtration process by low cost UV fixtures
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Global Association & Expertise

We are proud partners with AeroMed®, Inc. for providing end-to-end infection control solutions in India.

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